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Quick If you haven’t seen the landing page guide yet go there NOW. It explains how to get and use this starter.

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Kitchen Sink of Markdown

A terse review of markdown.

Just type from left in any markdown file it will be paragraph style. It will wrap and is left justified by default

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
#### Header 4
##### Header 5
###### Header 6

italics or


bold or



  *italics* or


  **bold** or



When your section is getting too long consider putting the rest of the content in a modal file in the content/modals directory. Here is how to do that

so...see more markdown in action?


Here are some of the plugins - shortcodes available in action. For details see the plugins section of the Landing Page Guide

The Image Plugin
A super cool dude

as an avatar

google map embedded

Hot Place in A Cold Land

Here is some normally formatted text. Here I need a sentence to be in red .

A large button that opens google in a popup window
A small button that opens google a tab
A regular button that opens google normally
It's got electrolytes

a paragraph of bogus filler text (lorem) for when you need to show a protype


This is a webpage about a generator used to generate this webpage about a generator…. well you get the idea.

The generator is 100% free open source software, free for use. It was used to build this webpage and the guide webpage as well. So see the guide webpage to get started.


Here is where you could add a disqus comment section if you have an account and made a disqus shortname for your comments

{{< disqus "my disqus shorname here" >}}